Tuesday, November 18, 2014

"Listen up!"

When a football team goes into the huddle everyone has to "listen up" to hear the play. If they don't pay attention in the huddle, they won't be on the same page together and the result will be a broken play. In a sense, we are in the huddle each day. We need to listen to God's signal..His play call...just as carefully as the team in the football huddle. We are reading through the prophet Jeremiah in our Mini Bible College study at the Chapel. The people of Judah, whom Jeremiah is calling out to, have stopped listening in the huddle. They have become convinced that God is distant and uninvolved with their lives. Instead they have decided to listen to themselves. This phrase from chapter 9:13-14 seems to capture it: "...my people have abandoned my instructions; they have refused to obey what I said. Instead, they have stubbornly followed their own desires..." Who is calling the plays in your huddle? Who are you listening to for direction? We need to realize that there are forces at work that seek to separate us from listening to God. You may have even experienced this battle. There are times that you consider picking up the Bible or tuning in to a Christian radio station and, right away, other thoughts come in to try to convince you to do something else. There is a battle for our attention but there is only one trustworthy source for our guidance!
Rob Smith

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