Thursday, January 26, 2017

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Inside the word "established" you can find the root word "stable".  So, to establish is to make stable.  In construction that starts with a good foundation...strong and level.  I saw a few verses in Proverbs 16 this morning that referred to "established".
Proverbs 16:3
Commit your work to the Lord,
    and your plans will be established.
Proverbs 16:9
The heart of man plans his way,
    but the Lord establishes his steps.
We are "building" something every day of our lives.  In a sense, we need to "establish" a foundation as we head into each day.  No one really knows how the day will actually play out.  So these two proverbs talk about we can prepare for the day.
If we bring the Lord into our plans and make Him the cornerstone of the foundation before we head into the day He promises to transform our "plans" into solid outcomes.  And, step by step, He will take the work of our minds and bodies and guide them into the 'construction project' that pleases Him and satisfies on the deepest level.  He wants to be brought into our plans and then He will crown our steps with success (His success)!
Rob Smith

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