Friday, July 9, 2010

the beautiful soul

Come with me and take on the greatest project of our lives.  Let's look at our lives as a great project...a project that we are taking this lifetime to work on.  Let's make it our goal to build a beautiful soul.  As I see it we can live one of two ways: We can live as if God sees everything we think and do or we can live as if He doesn't see and He doesn't care.  Well, of course He does see us individually...all our thoughts, words and actions.  Someday, when we are before Him, all of those thoughts, words and actions will be reviewed and we will realize how important our time on Earth has been.  Of course He cares about the choices we make.  While we are here and are not in His immediate and direct heavenly presence we have great freedom to set our minds, choose our words and chart our actions.  I suspect that our choices will be much clearer and more obvious when we stand before God in Heaven.  Of course, the reality is that we stand before Him now.  Certainly He knows of the distractions and He knows of our weak and sinful nature.  He knows that we are prone to temptation and that there is a devil who roams in our midst.  As we consider what we are giving our lives to I think it is good to define the issues and set the stage.  Every one of us faces the great adventure of living and we have the opportunity of eternity: to live for God and not for anything else.  I have been reading the Sermon on the Mount from Luke, chapter 6 and Matthew, chapter 5.  Jesus comes as a direct representative from Heaven to teach his newly appointed 12 disciples how to live to please God rather than ourselves.  Jesus reveals that God is looking for indications that we are living lives on earth that show we are trusting in Him. and that we take our purpose and joy from pleasing Him.  Riches are in Heaven...not on earth      Sadness becomes a gateway for God's comfort.    Patient waiting before God is better than striving in our own strength.     The appetite that most satisfies is the hunger for God and His truth.     God is merciful and He is looking for that quality in us too.     Of all the sights to be seen on Earth, none can compare to seeing God...and that is possible for us, even here.     The world calls for peace, but we know the only peace is with God...we can lead others to this peace.     When we are willing to be put down, excluded and even treated with contempt because we love God we show that it is His kingdom we live for and His kingdom is real.
Come with me and let us look at this life as a project.  Let us build beautiful souls that live in the sure awareness that God sees us, God knows us and God wants to show Himself through us.  This is the great challenge of life, here on planet Earth.
Matthew 5:16  "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven."
Rob Smith

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