Friday, July 25, 2014

another reason

So here is another reason to follow become His disciple.  He has been where we want to go.  When the pioneers in our country pushed into the West they needed scouts to take them through dangerous places that were unfamiliar to them.  The scouts had been there before and knew the lay of the land and the location of water and how to avoid hostile natives.  We are pioneers who are on the way to Heaven...our desired ultimate destination.  But we have never been there before.  We've just heard great things about it and are confident that Heaven is where we want to end our journey.  Well Jesus addressed this and provided His credentials to become our scout in John, chapter 3, during His conversation with Nicodemus.  When Nicodemus seemed reluctanct to accept Jesus' teaching about being born again spiritually Jesus provided this insight from verses 11 and 12: "I assure you, we tell you what we know and have seen, and yet you won't believe our testimony.  But if you don't believe me when I tell you about earthly things, how can you possibly believe if I tell you about heavenly things?  No one has ever gone to heaven and returned.  But the Son of Man has come down from heaven.
blessings as we all look to the One has brought heaven's perspective to earth!
Rob Smith

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