Monday, July 7, 2014

the road

We are all on the same road (and it can be as congested as an interstate in the summer)! It is the road of life and its mile markers are measured in days, weeks and years. Our personal trip is recorded by our age. The scenery that flashes by and the side trips we take by exiting the main road add unique flavor to our trip. But we all had the same natural beginning in birth and we will all have the same natural end in death. Along the way we may aspire to different modes of transportation and we may add varying qualities and amounts of "stuff" to our vehicle. But at the end of the trip we will park, get out and end the journey here. But it is good to consider what happens after the natural trip ends. It turns out that there is One who laid out the road trip we all have been on. In fact, He knew when each of us would arrive on the scene and He has had a lot to do with the nature of our road trip. And, perhaps it is not surprising that He has more in store after this natural journey ends here. Just as a road map, or GPS, is so helpful to find your way and gain perspective on where you are for the natural journeys, so coming to know the One who fashioned the road of life is vital to finding the road that leads to eternal life. Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth and life." He is our connection between the natural road that begins and ends here and our eternal life which begins here and goes on forever.
Rob Smith

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