Saturday, February 24, 2007

a tree that sings

Ours was the first house in our neighborhood, 22 years ago.  At that time the field in front of our home was still farmed.  Soon the farm was cleared, a road was cut through the field and many houses were built around us.  It has taken years for shrubs and trees planted by the new homeowners to gain maturity.  Recently I noticed that our neighborhood has taken on a mature look and some yards almost look overgrown.  When I go for walks in the morning, one particular evergreen tree captures my attention.  It is very tall and thickly branched and planted in a row of similar trees that provide privacy for one home.  This particular tree has a family of birds living somewhere within and as I pass they are chirping merrily (though I can't see them).  The thought occurred to me:  The owner wanted privacy, but God wanted to make a tree that sings.
I love how the Lord has built such harmony into his handiwork.
Psalm 104:12  By them the birds of the heavens have their home;  They sing among the branches.


Rob Smith

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