Thursday, October 30, 2014

clear view

The past few weeks we have had some stunning fall weather, with crystal clear air and blindingly bright days.  We've enjoyed gorgeous sunrises and sunsets and lately have savored the painter's brush in the hardwood trees that line our roads.  But this morning, following a night of rain, the local pond was not only dark in the predawn hour, it was dulled by the after-rain mist.  The dim light of pre-dawn filtered through the moisture to display fuzzy images and reflections from the trees and far-shore.  But I became aware of this thought: whether clear or cloudy and whether we see sharply or hazily, the Lord sees us with perfect vision.  There are times that we may feel we can't see Him.  There are times when we are not even looking His way.  But there is never a time that He doesn't see us and see through us and see all that is in us.  That is a good thing!  I am convinced that the knowledge of His presence and the awareness that He knows us intimately well is a key to peace and purpose.  Even when we feel like we are walking through the fog!
Isaiah 29:15b-16 
"The Lord can't see us", they say.  "He doesn't know what's going on!"  How foolish can you be  He is the Potter, and he is certainly greater than you, the clay!
Rob Smith

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