Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Big Jesus

Reading the letter of Colossians you can't help but be struck by how big Jesus is.  In the first chapter we learn that He "existed before anything else" (verses 15 and 17).  Through Jesus all Creation was made and this includes the visible universe as well as the invisible.  And the invisible includes thrones, kingdoms and authorities that are in the unseen dimension (verse 16).  Not only did Jesus fashion Creation, He now holds it all together.  All the atoms, with their powerful and opposing forces, all the molecules, with their chemical properties, and all the cells, with their life sustaining properties.  He holds the planets in balance with the Sun and the seasons unfold at the right time to permit life to continue (verse17).  He is the one who paid the price to reconcile us with the Father and then He came after us to rescue us, who would believe in Him (verses 21 and 22).  And now we live directly in His presence, and will do so forever.  The One who put it all together to start with and holds it all together now is the only One who could save us...somehow that makes a lot of sense...
Rob Smith 

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