Friday, April 17, 2015


  The surface of the pond was a bit muddled this morning.  It wasn't quite the perfect mirror.  It is interesting how the air and the winds play with the face of the water.  When there is no wind the pond is an almost perfect reflector of light.  But this morning, with wafting currents under gentle breezes, the images of trees and sky were somewhat shifted and distorted, like a fund-house mirror.
The winds of this life can distort the reflection of Heaven's hope also.  The sure promise of Heaven and the certain claim we have on the Lord's presence can seem to shift and dance under the moving currents of problems, trials and the unknown of our days.
But if we take our eyes off the pond and look to the sky we see the true and not the reflected and if we fix our hearts and minds on the Word, both recorded and revealed in His Flesh...then the image becomes sharp and the promise certain.
Psalm 56:10 I praise God for what he has promised; yes, I praise the lord for what he has promised.
Rob Smith

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