Friday, April 24, 2015

four bird morning

  There's something about large birds that is breathtaking.  They transition from awkward to graceful as they move from their perches into flight.  This morning I was treated to a four large bird symphony at the pond.  I saw herons, osprey, vultures and geese.  The herons and vultures were disturbed by my presence and shifted locations.  I was startled by the vultures, amazed by the herons and stunned with the grace of the osprey soaring overhead.  The geese just bobbed on the surface and squawked some kind of commentary.  It was humbling to realize that I, too, was a creature who could simply enjoy a beautiful spring morning.  There is something about a quiet morning in nature that restores us to our identity as members of God's garden.  We celebrate the wonder of life and we wonder at the awesome Maker of life, who gives us these tastes of beauty in preparation for a forever with Him.
Job 26:13-14 His Spirit made the heavens beautiful, and his power pierced the gliding serpent.  These are just the beginning of all that he does, merely a whisper of his power.
Rob Smith

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