Saturday, April 18, 2015

Not another life!

I am starting something today that I hope will spread, with your help, across our nation.  It is something like what firefighters do.  Their first priority is to rescue people from a burning home and then they put out the fire.
I believe the greatest evil that has swept our country in my adult life is legalized abortion.  It destroys one life and lastingly damages at least one other.  This is the fire that continues to rage.  Our country has decided that "choice" is the standard of right vs. wrong.  Using that standard we can save many lives by offering much healthier "choices" to those who are faced with the dilemma of a crisis pregnancy.
If we covenant to be available, in love, to our network of acquaintances and if we purpose to provide whatever is needed: food, clothing, shelter, friendship, medical care, legal assistance...whatever........
Then those who are faced with the overwhelming prospect of a crisis pregnancy will be more likely to make good choices.
This is a grass roots campaign that I would like to call "Family".  It starts with each of us, both as individuals as communities of faith.  Our standards are not the shifting ones of culture but the eternal ones of the giver of life.  And it starts with developing relationships across our community.  We need to be in touch with those around us.  And when the fire breaks out, we need to rescue the living!  Our commitment must be absolute and our resolve unshaken and our purpose joined with one another.
This mission came to me last night as I felt the Lord speak to my heart: "Not another life!"
When, one day I face Him, I don't want to be ashamed that we had not done our best to save these precious lives.
John 10:12
You gave me life and showed me your unfailing love.  My life was preserved by your care.

Rob Smith

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