Saturday, July 5, 2008

living art

I have virtually no artistic ability, but I'm learning to appreciate art and to begin to understand what it's all about.  This weekend we're staying with close friends and catching up on lots of things.  I always knew that our good friends were gifted (he an engineer and she a teacher).  I also knew that Leigh had a degree in fine arts.  Now that their kids are just about raised, Leigh has returned to actually producing beautiful art...not just teaching it.  She showed us several recent paintings and explained how the process she's using is a growing thing.  She is coming up with a unique approach to using acrylics to give the pictures depth and she has a general theme of combining natural beauty with buildings and other manmade backgrounds.  With each picture she continues to play with color, composition, and the use of the acrylic material to discover new ways of expression.  I am beginning to realize that art is a growing thing, just as we are.  The really interesting part, to me, is not the paintings...but the process, the passion and the dynamic growing aspect that lies behind each picture.  Perhaps the Lord is an artist, too.  He doesn't just make us and walk away.  He stays involved and continues to be active in our lives, working with the color and the composition to frame new pictures through us.  Art, like our walk with the Lord, is a growing thing.
Psalm 33:14 From the place of His dwelling He looks
         On all the inhabitants of the earth;
 15 He fashions their hearts individually;
         He considers all their works.
Rob Smith

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