Friday, July 18, 2008

worthy of trust

Uncertainty is part of our daily lives.  We don't really know, from moment to moment, what will happen in our lives.  Compounding uncertainty are the problems of living: sickness, bills, broken water heaters and broken down cars.  To function with peace we need a way to cope with uncertainty and problems.  We have found the Lord to be faithful as the one who sees over the horizon and as the one who can provide the means to address every problem.  But we also need people in our lives that we can trust.  We need professionals, doctors, mechanics, friends, spouses, ministers and many others that we can trust.  It occurred to me yesterday that trust between people is a hard earned and highly valued quality.  Trust says that there is confidence that you will do what is best for me, even in preference to what might be easiest or best for you.  Trust says that there is confidence that you will carry out the actions that I am not able to..that you will actually do what you say.  Trust says that I will allow you to help me with some of the uncertainty and some of the problems that I face.  We need to have people we can trust in our lives.  We need to develop and maintain trustworthiness, that others might be able to count on us.  It is among our greatest privileges and honors.
Proverbs 20::6 Most men will proclaim each his own goodness,  But who can find a faithful man?
Rob Smith

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